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Aging Well: Do You Know How?

As we age, we'll notice that some peers are better at it than others. And according to a new study, this could be because of the life skills we did or didn't learn during childhood. The University College of London researchers who performed the study took into consideration the effects of emotional determination, control, optimism, stability, and conscientiousness to discover the role it plays on a person. The study found that the more resiliency skills a person has, the better they age.

Next Avenue says we can build-up our resiliency through:

  • Connection with others - As we get older, we begin to lose family and friends, making an easy path for loneliness to creep in. Socially engage with others to ward off unhealthy habits like cigarette smoking and overeating.
  • Exercise - By being physically active, you build both strength and resiliency, mentally and physically. The better you feel, the better you'll navigate through the stresses of life.
  • Have a purpose in your life - Those who dedicate themselves to a cause or mission tend to be much stronger and more resilient. Your occupation doesn't matter, as long as you are trying your best with what you have.

Learn how you can develop these skills as you age by reading the entire Next Avenue article here